driving licence new rules for 2019

Driving Licence New Rules 2019

Hey hello everyone , there is one new Driving Licence New Rules 2019 Updates come in June 2019, do you want to know what it is exactly.

OK I will tell you,  what is the new rule in driving licence 2019 according to PM Modi Ji changes for travelling transportation and Logistic Act.

This is very good news for everyone. So let’s see what it it is –

Mission of Modi Sarkar in second session :

According to this new rule, Many such Lakhs people are going to get a Happy Life for their New Future.

This is also a Good News for New Driver license also, they are also getting new Benefits for this and also the old ones, who already has Driving Licence , they are also Going Better  News From this new Updates from July 2019 Onwards.

According to Mantraly Old Rules for Driving Licence, They are Bard from that rules and Had got new Rules specially for driving License.

By this new Rules, You are not Gonna suffer and you dont have to go always in RTO for this driving Licenses and also for Renewals of License.So without wasting your Valuable Time, I am directly Going to say that New Rules for Driving License Updates in 2019.

For Everyone who is just waiting “”ease of Getting a Job” , On Tuesday Narendra Modi Ji Announced the Removal of Minimum Educational Qualification which were first require to obtain a transport vehicle of Driving Licence.

As per Current Regulation(Rule 8 of central Motor Vehicle Rules,1989) which was mandatory for a transport vehicle driver to have pass of std 8th Class. If anyone wants to Apply for Driving Licence online, then they can visit  : Parivahan Seva

From Economically Underprivileged section of the society, In move to benefit skilled persons ,the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway had decided to remove the requirement of minimum educational qualification for driving a transport vehicle, was said in their statement.

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According to the survey, it was found that, there is a lack of shortage of nearly about 22 Lakhs drivers in the transport and logistic sector in India and removal of this requirement will also open an employment opportunities in large number of scale for an unemployed persons, especially of our Indian Youths.

To amend the rule 8 of Central Motor Vehicle Act of 1989, The Ministry is also preparing a Draft notifications to initiate the process of this Vehicle Act soon.

The Senior Ministry officially said that, by removal of this act , the score of Rural and Urban will help to score high, across our Country India.

From the Government of Haryana, the Ministry acted on their feedback. During the meeting in transport ministry, the state Government conveyed that youth and jobless from the backward class region, especially in the Bahudurgarh area, were unable to secure a driving licence as they lacked formal education and that the population was “dependent for their livelihood on low-income earning pursuits including driving”.

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