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Do you know why Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated? Explore this article to be familiar with the importance and importance of Gandhi Jayanti. Probably the most famous occasions in India and one of the 3 national holidays, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on 2nd October to mark the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was also popularly known as the Father of the Nation, Bapu or just Mahatma. The day is declared as a national holiday and all schools and offices are closed at this festival. Gandhi gave our country and the world the principles of truth, non violence and honesty that are still remembered and widely used till today.

The President and Prime Minister of India, along with some Other eminent figures, pay their homage to the memorial of Gandhi in Raj Ghat in New Delhi. Browse throughout the following lines to be familiar with importance of celebrating Gandhi Jayanti. Gandhi Jayanti Meaning – Mahatma Gandhi was born as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi on 2nd October, 1869 in Porbandar, a coast town in Gujarat. Mahatma Gandhi’s Father Mr.Karamchand Gandhi, belonged to the Hindu Modh community while his mother, Putlibai, came from the Hindu Pranami Vaishnava community. His mother was Karamchands 4th wife, the former 3 wives died during the time of childbirth.

gandhi 150

Gandhi attended middle school in Porbandar and high school in Rajkot. He studied law in UK and went ahead to South Africa to practice as an attorney. Nevertheless, he left his practice and returned to India because of his love for his country and also to fight for the freedom of his people. Gandhi became an acute political leader and fought for the country. His characteristic of being identified separately from the mass made him popular among the Indians and British as well. To express his protests against the tax on salt, he undertook the Salt March from Ahmadabad to Dandi covering a total distance of 388 kilometres.

He even founded the doctrine of non violence and truth. Gandhi had a heart of courage and spirit of the unafraid. He’d been imprisoned on multiple accounts throughout the freedom struggle. Regardless of hurdles and problems, Gandhi went ahead and played a substantial Role in making India a different country. He even announced a fast of twenty-one days for the main cause of Harijans. His Quit India motto proved a final signal for the British dominion in India. Gandhis teachings and practice are invaluable for the nation and are largely utilised in providing peaceful solutions to problems and in solving current conflicts. Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated in his remembrance by the whole country.

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